IXI - City Of Romulotrix Along The Alterion Belt Of The IXI Home Planet Of Calybdis

A typical clear day in the City Of Romulotrix on Calybdis. Flaming Ghost-fueled power generator on the left, electric shadow entertainment plex on the right, some buildings in the background amid bubble trees. IXI tub craft flies overhead, with tubby pilot at the helm. Fiery meteorb lights up the sky with a strange orange glow that is not represented here due to lack of colored pencils in Romulotrix's founding. Piping goes nowhere, does nothing.


IXI - Warrior Of The Third Interplanetary Expeditionary Corp On Xerxe

Xerxe remains a largely unexplored planet, mainly because it's known to host a vicious race of humanoids called Tantavis, who have long sharp claws with which they are known to pull their victims' lungs out of their mouths. This warrior of the Third Interplanetary Expeditionary Corp is part of a reconnaissance force that aims to locate the fabled Symphonid Ecclestia Lembedary, believed to be the last remaining Lembedary (monastery) of the Symphonid sect, an ancient religious order of monks who take a vow of talkativeness. It's believed the Tantavis are so sick of the Lembedary monks' incessant yapping that they developed their special lungs-ripped-through-mouth killing technique just to have the pleasure of seeing their victims finally shut up in as satisfactorily horrific fashion as possible. Some believe the IXIians want to find the Lembedary so as to get their hands on the fabled Treasures of Xerxe, but few know that the real reason the IXIians seek the Lembedary is due to an irrepressible romantic streak in the average IXIian that yearns to believe the universe holds many fabulous and mysterious secrets that are only waiting to be discovered by intrepid and ingenious intergalactic explorers.

pre-IXI - The IXI Creation Myth

A primordial soup has given rise to the first organisms of the IXI ecosystem: aquatic plants, giant protozoids, coelocanthic fish spewing humanoid eggs, tricephalic ooklodon triply decapitated by a semi-autonomous cleaver-wielding ancestor of IXI robotoids, and the bubbles that will supply the life nourishment for a unique civilization. Musical coral emanate melodies as a proto-tetrapus swims away.

IXI - Insentient Robotic Exploration Module On A Volcanic Planet In The Habiluton System

Far beyond the bubble system, in the outer reaches of the IXI galactic civilization, a lone robot explores the volcanic planet of Volcano Planet, third terrestrial orb in the Habiluton solar system. Meteorite, the Habiluton sun, stars, and the rings of the gas giant Cloephus are all represented. IXI patrol hovers overhead, commandeered by a duck. Upon completion of its duties the robot will likely be abandoned on the planet. This is a fate common to robots, and one that makes some IXIians sad, even though authorities state that they are not properly sentient beings.


IXI - Age Of Aviation

In the 37'th Galactic century, the IXIians experienced their Age of Aviation, starting off with rudimentary balloons and winged air vehicles, eventually evolving into the hyper-cool bubble-lightning-fueled, jazz-rhino-piloted turbo-propellered air sedans which provided some of the hippest traveling options in the 3600's. This was a precursor to the IXI Space Age, and such trailblazing aviator icons as Wide-Eyed Elephant Joe and the first air traffic control pig, Steve, went on to become legendary figures in the Aviation Hall of Fame.


IXI - Jive Powered Groove Patrol Passes Over IXI Base With Bicephalic Cyborg-Ostrich In Foreground

Bubble leaf vacuum-generated IXI base under rhinoceral and elephantine command spots bicephalic mutant cyborg-ostrich scuttling through the wastelands of the sparsely inhabited Ruata, 35th planet in the Bubbly system, above which a jive-powered IXI patrol ship flies, commandeered by one groovy dragon with a goatee. Stars, bubble trees, bubble clouds and closest moons also visible.

pre-IXI - The Imminent Death Of Moloch

a vigorous culture is a degeneracy of the mind but of robust spirit
it has its certainties and its violence and its bullyings and its murders
it keeps you in line, it hounds you and tortures you until you give in
it does not tolerate the difference that declares difference is good
it seeks to silence and destroy all that lies outside its grasp
it is a culture of armed men made slaves, or slaves made armed men
it is a culture of judges and authorities and laws
it is a crusty old diseased shackle to the soul and to the mind
but it has spirit, it is a mighty spirit
the spirit of muscled demons that feed off the life blood of healthy intellects
that thirst for the great and the true
to make the great and the true something banal, something hollow
something forbidden, forlorn, used, crushed, flagellated
that turns the body into a carcass of unfulfilled hopes
that seeks to snuff out youth and fire and lust and all that is holy
it is a martial spirit, a perverse Ares fellating old father Zeus
rushing into the din of war, massacring men
it is terrible to behold, it sucks the courage out of you
it is hypnotic, it is cunning, it is savage
but fear is its own undoing
fear of that which it cannot conquer, fear of that which it has conquered
for what it conquers only stays conquered through that fear
and when the courage has been sucked out
and the life has been bled out
and the dead and the dying and the crushed have been snuffed of their last hope
when their dreams have been called forth
to a mock show trial where they must declare their guilt
that is when the whole stinking edifice will collapse
and all that was unholy becomes again holy
and all that was depraved becomes again blessed
and all that was sinful and wrong and traitorous becomes again magnificent and good
and virtuous
the old Moloch will bow before the seething mass of worms that writhe above us
and he will swallow those worms and he will flee
when fear is all that is left us
it will be fear that is their greatest enemy
fear will win what fear took away
and time, that massive rolling ugly wall of time
will be our friend again, will greet us again, as if to say
we have been free all along
and everything that once was has now passed
yesterday's future is now thrown off
and our lives are beautiful once more.

Also included are some mechanical fish.

IXI - Patrollers From The Floating Base Hover Above the Domed Cities Of Areno

IXI space patrollers from the floating IXI base hover above the domed cities of the sand planet of Areno, meteorite defusers at the ready, snake sun god overhead, command post IXI-Delta in the distance. Stars, giant dunes.

IXI - Monkey-Driven Compost-Powered Rocket Boost Cruiser From The Outer Reaches Of The Bubblesphere

Bubble flowers line either side of the road as a mechanical tiger platypus and a hydraulic bubble cropper graze on bubble plants. A IXI employee watches from the side of the road, under a bubble tree, as the monkey-driven compost-powered rocket booster hurtles down the highway, pooch-steered IXI low altitude saucer flying overhead, bubble clouds rising, flying, popping, brushing, crashing through the bubble clouds, floating. Somewhere in the outer reaches of the bubblesphere.

IXI Eleusinian processional uprising

IXI gods watch over an IXI Eleusinian procession led by IXI priests as underworld gods recover sordid ritualistic proclivities manifested in wild thespianic Sibylline representations of an IXI religious uprising. Bubble clouds barely conceal solar revelations of Exaraptor flights over the heads of spiritual dignitaries enveloped in ecstasies that brought rapture from the heavens on high and laid waste to all that withered between and beyond.

IXI - Underwater Exploration Team Discover The Oceans Of Nephtha Minor, 6th Moon of Mantis

The oceans of the water moon Nephtha Minor differ significantly from its neighbor Nephtha Major, in that it is teeming with myriad life forms, strange creatures of the depths, now accessible to the ever expanding armada of IXIian technological wonders, including research submersibles, boost tubes, and long-distance rover submarines. Among the diverse biota, the rare and incredible Xoondapus, Suction Fish, Giant Horsefish, Swimming Megafungi, and a giant abandoned Molluscipod shell.

IXI exploration modules are commandeered by an elephant and two pigs.

pre-IXI - The Capacious Memory of a Mechanical Elephant

This is the first in a series entitled "IXI" (not pronounced "icksy" or "aye-ex-aye" but "nine eleven", although it bears no relation to the date 9/11/01, which was of course a momentous day because that was the day we all found out about the Enron scandal, but this series has nothing to do with Enron). This drawing is pre-IXI, and for good reason, because it involves what appear to be four rectally connected beings that share the same gastroextestinal pipework: some kind of slug-like mulluscial gastropod, a small catlike being, one other small manlike being opposing it on the same platform separated by a fountain, and a large mechanical elephant. You will note that the snail is utilizing a straw to ingest some kind of nourishment from pools of horizontally bisected stromatolites, while a tetrapus (an octopus-like creature with vacuums at the ends of its four tentacles) sucks up the stromatolite nutrients, disregarding the mechanical bird. The tetrapus appears to have a head window in which his brains can be seen. The bubbles that emanate from the creature's siphon float up as they are popped by a multicephalic ophiomorph. On the opposite side of the page, there is a megorapisc that drinks the fountain water in salubrious gulps through its three-headed microrapiscine cloaca. The ophiomorph's macrorifice passes the nourishment on to a system of mechanical apparatuses which utilize the nutrient to power the animatic oscillograph and the generator that transforms the stromatogenic multipartite gastroextestinal liquid into gaseous form, which cannot be seen, although the steam appears where the superheated gas meets cool air and transforms momentarily back into liquid. The autonomous contraption then connects to the embryonic parthenogenerator, where one such Parthenogen can be seen transforming through its piscine and reptilian stages, before becoming human. The parthenogenerated waste is not, however, wasted. It is channeled on to the zoomorphactoric biomechanilab which features an artificially produced and gravitropially developed proto-skeleton that will soon become an animal. Nobody knows where the pipes for the entire extravagant machine connect to, although its traces are believed to exist in the capacious memory of the mechanical elephant.


IXI - Ophiomorphic Recon Craft Patrols Overhead on the Dwarf Planet of Savandah

Girt by the moons of the Titan planet of Paeae, the lush semi-tropical dwarf planet of Savandah has witnessed minimal IXI-ian zoomorphic colonization, augmented by robotic IXI-ian modules (note Ophiomorphic reconnaissance craft overhead), with limited humanoid settlement (note human-built bridges and roads used for human-based terrestrial transport, much to the dismay of the more advanced IXI-ian porcines). Hillside settlements sprout, leading many to rue the prospects of overcrowding in centuries to come, and emigration from the inner planets of the IXI empire has already commenced toward the outer reaches of the known galaxy.